Peaches is a very happy dog. She is almost always smiling. The only time she ever gets “out of sorts” is when she is sleeping and Molly tries to get in her “space” … Peaches will get out of soft growl to let Molly know she is bothering her, but that’s the only time she gets irritated. She is a very quiet dog and except for when someone comes to the door or rings the doorbell when she becomes a “watch dog” and barks loudly (which is a good thing), she doesn’t bark,. She likes to stay pretty close to mommy and follows me around like my shadow.

In March 2016, I started looking for a companion for Jake, my rescue dog at the time. I saw a picture of Peaches on the internet on a Golden Retriever Rescue website. She had been taken to the shelter because her owners were moving  and couldn’t take her with them. I inquired about her and was told she was in the process of being adopted so she wasn’t available. Then a few days later, I was contacted by the shelter asking if I was still interested in Peaches. Apparently, the home she had been placed in didn’t work out and she had become availabler. I was elated! I picked her up the next evening, brought her home, she and Jake bonded immediately and the rest is history.

Peaches has learned a lot about our lifestyle and how we do things at the Bailey household from Jake… and she, in turn, has taught Molly these things. It’s an amazing thing to watch.

Peaches loves everyone… people young and old, babies, other animals… especially other dogs. She’s not aggressive, she will come up to you with her bright eyes, big smile and tail wagging to say hello and for a pat on the head, but won’t stay  around if you’re not interested in her being there and always shares the “limelight” with Molly. She loves to have her picture taken and it’s almost like she’s “posing” for her pictures. She’s cute, and she knows it!



I adopted Jake in February, 2012. I was looking for a companion for my female Golden rescue, Penny, who was 8 years old at the time. He was advertised on the internet and was at a shelter in Palm City, Florida. I had called about him when I saw his write-up because he sounded like a good companion for my Penny. He was a year and a half old and appeared to be very smart. I took Penny for a “Meet and Greet” and they got along just fine, so I brought him home with me that day.

Jake didn’t disappoint. He was definitely the smartest dog I’ve had… and the happiest. He just seemed to catch on to just about everything I asked him to do. He was always smiling and very willing to please. He learned a lot about our lifestyle form watching Penny and listening to me, and later was an amazing mentor and teacher for Peaches when we adopted her after Penny died.

Jake was a good boy. He was a “Gentle Giant” who loved everyone and everyone loved him. There will be many dogs who will replace him, but there will never be another Jake.



Molly is a rescue from China. She has her own passport and everything! And… she absolutely HATES to have her picture taken.  It’s like “pulling teeth” to get a good picture of her. But, she is a sweet Golden Retriever rescue who was rescued from a horrible life in China by a rescue organization in south Florida called The Big Dog Ranch Rescue located in Loxahatchee Groves, Florida. They worked with an animal rescue in China to rescue 50 dogs in Molly’s group arranging to fly them back to The Big Dog Ranch by a private plane to be adopted.

I adopted Molly in April 2021, shortly after Jake died. Peaches has been her mentor from day one, and Molly is a fast learner. She loves to have her belly rubbed and her “ signature move” is to run up to people and plop herself down in front of them at their feet laying on her back so that they know she is not a threat and she just wants her tummy rubbed. She loves it.. and people love it too! She is a charmer!